Is it legal to move out of state or country while pregnant with my husband's child?

Alena - posted on 11/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I want to leave my husband. Our relationship has been volatile since we married in June. Our marriage was one of desperation and I regret it immensely. Upon our marriage, I was immediately forced into pregnancy. I've already come to terms with the baby, but I want to escape from my husband. I feel like he is too controlling and manipulative. My ex-boyfriend has offered to let me move in with him and take care of me, as we are still in love. Can I move to another country while pregnant? It's not a matter of money, it's a question of legality? If I do this, can my husband try to take our child back to the U.S. upon his birth? I'm so afraid of losing my baby but I can't stay with him another day! Advice, please.


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Dove - posted on 11/30/2014




You need to consult a lawyer... and not move from one relationship to another. Whether or not you can legally leave the state or country I do not know, but I DO know that you are tied to this man you are trying to escape for at least the next 18 years... no matter where you live. He is the father of your child and your CHILD has a legal and moral right to a relationship w/ his/her father.

Ev - posted on 11/30/2014




You need to look into the legal means before you move. I am not sure where you live but it might be he can stop you from moving too far away. Do not get the ex boyfriend involved in this either because from the sounds of it, it is messy already.

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