is it normal for a six year old girl to go in a room alone and hurt kittens


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Chet - posted on 09/13/2014




Define hurt exactly... because lots of young kids pull tails and play way too rough with small pets (treating them like toys instead of living things). Many five or six year olds, left alone with kittens, will hurt the kittens.

A friend of mine had a cousin who drowned a miniature chihuahua puppy. She was only five at the time, and honestly believed she was just giving him a bath. She was extremely upset when she found out what she had done.

It is a serious warning sign if a child consistently derives pleasure from hurting animals. I'd say that torturing animals, or conscious cruelty to animals, is an extremely concerning behaviour. Typically too, this will happen as part of a general pattern of behaviours where the child clearly lacks empathy, is excessively aggressive, talks about carrying out cruel or torturous acts, etc.

Gena - posted on 09/10/2014




Like Michelle already said,no its not normal. And try get her some help...a therapist or so. That behavior says something is not ok.

Michelle - posted on 09/10/2014




I can't believe you have to ask if this is normal. No it's not!!!
Get her some help.

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