is it normal for my 14old month to cry??

Jannet - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 14 month old daughter cries if i go away from her side or if i don't hold her. Grandmother have been taking care of her at our home since she was baby. She cries when I leave and she can't play but if we are there with her or even sometimes holding her hand, seems very insecure. She does not cry for long period of time as soon I leave she will stop crying.Grandmother left a month and I have been taking her to maternal grandmother to a different town, so is different environment. And she does the same thing just wants to have an older person holding or next to her and if they move to go to the bathroom she cries. Is that normal???Could that be because I play with her and they where no other children around so she got use to not play by herself.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/10/2012




Totally normal. They are used to momma. My daughter still does this. Most of the time I have to sneak out of the house. She is 2 1/2.

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