Is it normal for my fiance to stay out with friends all night twice a week while I'm pregnant?

Kim - posted on 07/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 23 years old and also 23 weeks pregnant my partner is six years older then me. I am having trouble sleeping at night and need my partner but twice in the week he is staying out till 2-5am in the morning with his friends playing poker. I have talked to him about it and made a compromise if he goes out at least be home by 12am but still he stays later especially if I call to ask him to please come home he gets angry with me and stays out even longer to spite me.
I don't know if its my baby hormones but It makes me feel so miniscule and second rate and I cry all night because he ignores my calls and yells at me saying I treat him like a child.
I try to have a girls night or just time with friends every so often but its hard they are on the other side of town as we have recently moved so It's hard to see them. I love him so much but I know the stress of crying and arguing is bad for our baby girl.
Please ladies advice and comments are muchly appreciated


Gwen - posted on 07/30/2012




It is not right for him "to stay out all night with friends twice a week" ANYTIME! He sounds like a very self-centered, immature man. Unless he grows up soon, the future of your relationship does not sound very promising. You feel second rate and belittled because that is exactly how he is treating you. You and your child deserve to be loved, cherished and supported.


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Kate - posted on 07/31/2012




kim its such a hard one when your feeling very unstable at this part of the pregnancy you need the support of your partner please sit him down and tell him exactly how your feeling and let him know that treating a pregnant lady with such dissregard is not okay!! i hate to say it but when the baby arrives its only a hundred times harder, stay strong and do things that make you happy for you wee ones sake!! good luck :)

Kelina - posted on 07/30/2012




Gwen is right, he's treating you like crap. You guys made a compromise and he hasn't stuck to it. He's acting like a child if he's staying out later just to spite you and what exactly is he going to do when the baby comes? Go out with his friends even if you need him cause you're having a rough time? sounds like it. If he can't stay home now when you're haivng a rough time I doubt he'll understand when you are having a hard time with the baby. He wants to go out a couple times a month, fine but twice a week? that's way too much

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