Is it normal to not feel any movement when you are 27 wks?

Annie - posted on 07/04/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




I am now 27 weeks in my pregnancy and still have not felt her move yet. I am getting very nervous and now im laying awake at night wondering if she is ok. Im a little overweight too and I heard it was normal to not feel her at all. I dont know what to do? Someone please give me advice.


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Joanbezuidenhout - posted on 07/08/2011




I think you ought to consult your Doctor so that he can check
it out - do a scan or whatever examination available as soon as possible to put your mind at rest so that you can
stop being anxious and have peaceful sleep. I wish
you all the best - God bless - Joan

Tamara - posted on 07/08/2011




I agree if you're worried call the dr. I hostly dont remember when I started to feel mine. Good luck

Tracy - posted on 07/07/2011




Yes I didn't start feeling my daughter move till I was in my third trimester there was nothing wrong she was just content with where she was. I did ask my doctor and he confirmed it that she was fine

Leandra - posted on 07/07/2011




I saw at kmart the other day that you can by a heart monitor for your baby so you can hear her/his heartbeat. I know on my first one, I got nervous a lot and if I had seen it, I would of pick it up for reassurance. also if you feel like a burning sensation it might be the baby moving, pulling and streaching the uterus as it moved it doesn't always feel like a kick. Some people are ok with drinking small amounts of caffiene if you are have some then lay on your side, good chance you will feel some movement.

Louise - posted on 07/07/2011




Lye on your left hand side and drink a very cold drink this is usually enough to get them moving! If you are concerned then speak to your midwife.

BONNIE - posted on 07/07/2011




See your doctor for reassurance.. Some babies don't rock n roll and some do.

Annie - posted on 07/07/2011




I felt her kick 4 times yesterday. Well Im pretty sure i did. I was laying down and I felt this like...bubble feeling thing in my left side. and it happened over and over. i heard sometimes it can feel like a gas bubble.

Ruth - posted on 07/05/2011




I'd say, go see your doc and get her to listen to the heart or do an ultra-sound. Every body/pregnancy is different. So, it might be completely normal for you NOT to feel her move. But, since you ARE worried, go see your doctor.

[deleted account]

Could be the positioning of your uterus or the position of the baby, but if I were you.... I'd be going in to make sure everything is ok. The fact that you haven't felt her at all yet is (at least to me) a little less concerning than if you had been feeling her and now you aren't. I'd still want to check it out though. I felt all my kids by/before 20 weeks. I AM skinny though, so I don't know if that makes much of a difference or not.

Tcordukes - posted on 07/04/2011




I would say if your worried go to the doc's they should be about to listen to heart beat, and or send you for an ultra sound.

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