Is it o.k to allow him to sleep with me?

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Hi, Im new in here, my son havent been dx yet but I studied psychology and did my clinical practices with kids with autism, though this was 15 years ago!!!!!!....... so Im kind of sure he will be dx in the autism spectrum. I know I will have a lot of questions and answers for all what is coming. At this point Im having trouble making a decision on if I should allow him to sleep with me or not. He is 2 years old and have always take his naps (3 hour nap!!!) and nite sleep by himself, with no big deals.But starting 2 weeks ago he will refuse to go to his bed if I dont go with him and stay on his bedroom until he felt to sleep, at that point I was kind of ok with that but last nite he move to my bed and there was no way to put him back on his bed. Know Im getting concern that he is getting exactly what he wants in the way that he wants because of his posibe diagnosis.I dont know what to do????? Apreciate ur opinions and your experience, because one thing is studying the theorys on the autism, and a completly different thing to live and handle the situation daily.


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I don't have experience with autism but I do have experience with co-sleeping and bed sharing. You just have to do what's right for your family. There aren't any rules because only you know your needs and the needs of your son. I personally don't see a problem with a two year old wanting/needing to be close to you while he sleeps. We co-slept / bed shared until my son was 6 months and it was clear he wanted his own space so to the crib he went, then to his own room. But at 2 and a half, after a big move and a lot of changes, he came back to our bed and has only recently (he's 4 now) gone back to his bed. We're a very relaxed family and I have a friend who told me when he was very little that it's not important where they sleep, but that they sleep. Her motto is, "Pick a bed and sleep in it." So that's what we do. Most nights he chooses his bed, some nights he still prefers ours...but he sleeps and that's the important part. Best of luck to you :)

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