Is it Odd to Talk to Mom About Sex?

John - posted on 12/25/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm somewhat older now at almost 20 years old, but I don't have many male relatives or role models to speak with and I'm more comfortable with my mom than other people. That said, would it be awkward to talk to her about sex?

I'm trying to maintain my virginity until I get married, but I'm feeling a lot of frustration and inner insecurity as I feel awkward and embarrassed, sort of isolated from the world since premarital sex and moving in together has become so commonplace and expected, and since male virgins are teased so much. I guess I just want some encouragement and advice, a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes I feel so saddened and frustrated by all of this that I just want to leave the world behind me and be a hermit monk in the middle of nowhere like St. Anthony the Great or something. It's like everywhere I go, be it television or magazine headlines, sex is expected, male virgins are teased, and I feel so alienated from the world, worrying that I'm weird or abnormal.

Would it be awkward to open up to my mother and discuss these things?

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