Is it ok for a 9 mo old to have a bad cold and the doctors always say there is nothing they can do?

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She is 9 mo old and I can hear andfeel alot of chest congestion.I can also smell the congestion(mucus) and I havent taken her to the doc yet because everytime i take her they tell me there is nothin they can do for that.They wont give her any medicine but tylenol an motrin.Is she getting these colds maybe because shes teethinWhat should I do or what should I give her to get well or at least make her feel better??


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The saline drops are wonderful!! They usually help pull out all the yucky stuff in their noses. The little noses even comes with a nice aspirator. also you can elevate her mattress a little on one end to help her breath better or let her sleep in a swing or bouncer. And most important is trust your instinct, if you think it's more than a cold or she is acting funny then take her to the emergency room. I am not bashing doctors by means but my son had started to get pneumonia & I took him to the doc on several occasion and they kept saying it was viral and to let it run it's course. I knew something wasn't right and they were very proactive in the E.R. and found the pneumonia & treated it.

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You can't get sick from teething. The common cold no there isn't any thing they can do. Anitbotic's are for baterical infection and will have no effect, on virus i that what it is. A cough med. exspecialy a cough suppressants is the worst thing you can do or a baby chest cold. I would take your child to the dr anyway even though they ave told you before there nothing they can do because you never know she could have something different than before. If she congested really bad the can give he albuterol breathing treatments.


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Elevate the side of her mattress where her head is, that will help her sleep. My son's got a wicked cold right now and was a good little boy and gave it to mommy! lol he was waking up every hour last night until i told my husband to elevate one side of his crib. He did and my LO slept right through from 6 till 11 this morning so it was wonderful. Yuo can also try a humidifier in her room, that will help her breathing. good luck i hope she feels better soon!

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My little one often gets a runny nose right before a tooth breaks through. But if its not just a runny nose and is congestion, there isn't much a doctor can do either. You should be happy your doctor doesn't idly offer prescriptions. I know you want to make your little one feel better, but that often does more harm.

Saline solutions and Boogie Wipes (wipes soaked in saline) are great for stuffed up noses. And a humidifier in the room will help too. And tylenol to help ease discomfort as needed.

If its teething, I use camilia. Its natural. And my pharmacist says its way better than pumping my little one full of chemicals. He said he used it on his two boys. And now it works great for Ella.

However, if you think its something worse. Get a second opinion. Always listen to your gut. Only you know whats best for your little one.

Good luck. I hope she feels better soon!

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My daughter is 9 months old and she gets very snotty and congested when she has a tooth coming through. It could just be that.
Either way the doctor wont perscribe you anything unless she has an infection

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My daughter had to be on a puffer while she was teething but other than that has had no breathing problems. Could this be the problem? Maybe she doesn't have a cold, just a runny nose from teething and the same issue my daughter and my friend's son got while teething? The doctor called it chest spasms and it sounds like a mucousy bronchial cough. Maybe ask about it. A few days on the puffer and my daughter had no problems anymore and when the tooth came through, we would just put the puffer away until the next time she was teething.

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thanks and I have been giving her the saline solution so I will jus hope it goes away soon.Thanks for ur help.

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My only suggestion is if you know she has a runny nose you can use a saline solution (little noses) in her nose to help keep her from getting an infection. My pediatrician gave me that advice when my daughter was that young. He also told me that as long as the discharge from her nose was clear there was no infection. I hope this helps a little.

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