Is it ok for my 20yr old daughters boyfriend of one week to sleep over in my house every night

Sahsha - posted on 03/20/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 20 with a 4 month old baby and she lives in my house she met a boy last week who has been sleep over now 2 nights in a row I told her not every night that I don't know him and I have other little kids here to worry about and to set examples for.she is raging mad and telling me I'm controlling her life. She stays up all night with the guy then dosent want to care forget baby in the morning although she won't admit that part I can tell by the way she stomps around when the baby gets up so I have been going in and taking the baby and letting my daughter sleep and now I told her enough is enough no more boys sleeping over.. Am I wrong for telling her she can't have a boy sleep over every night with the baby in her room..


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Sarah - posted on 03/21/2014




She has a baby? From a different guy? And she is now having a guy who she had known for a week sleep over? I see LOTS of red flags here. This would NOT be accepted in my house! It she wants to live like that then she needs to have her own place and pay her own bills. As a mother she should be thinking of her child first and the impressions and damage she is doing bring men in and out of her child's life.

Jodi - posted on 03/20/2014




Your house, your rules. So yes, you can set any rule you choose.
As a mother, for the sake of her child, she shouldn't be dragging men home to stay over, especially ones she has only know a week. If she's not careful, she will end up knocked up again - it sounds like she isn't really being at all responsible. Time for her to grow up.

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