is it ok for my 2months old baby 2 sleep on her tummy? she has good head control she won't sleep on her back for more than 20 mins even if I swaddle her. on her tummyshe sleeps 4 about 8hrs thru the night.


Sarah - posted on 01/11/2014




It is really dangerous on her tummy as the risk of SIDE goes up tremendously when on their tummy. There are people that will say they did it and it was fine, but there are lots that were not fine as well. Each parent has to make their own decision as to how they raise their child and what risks they are willing to take. So you have to decide it you are OK with the risk. If the chances of SIDE decreases by 80 percent on their back are you willing to take that risk? I too had one that liked her tummy better, but decided that I would never forgive myself if something happened because I laid her on her tummy to for me the risk was not worth taking.

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