Is it ok for people to call my son names??

Kelly - posted on 08/04/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is diagnosed with sensory integration disorder and has issues over a lot of things. My husbands grandmother walked in today and said to my 2 year old that my 5 year old is a crybaby. Did I overreact by asking her to not call him names? Because now my husband is mad at me and said that I make myself look like a bitch. He said that I need to stop overprotecting him and that I am going to cause serious problems in the family. All that I thought I was doing was protecting my son. Maybe I am wrong though. Any suggestions??


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WOW. Your husband needs to be on YOUR side first of all. And NO you are not overreacing. That is your child, and her great grandchild for that matter. She should not be calling your kid names. If not for your son's sake, then at least for your 2 year old. Now what are you gonna do when your 2 year old starts going, My big brother is a crybaby, or even Mom, you're a crybaby. My 2 year old niece called her father a fucking asshole because she heard another mom say it. And I cant say that your son wasnt acting like a crybaby, but it sounds like he kind of has an excuse to be and for his grandmother to do that is not her place. If you felt uncomfortable with it, then it is not okay. You are the mother and what you say goes, ridiculous to other people or not. Your husband is in the wrong, and so is his grandmother. You are not a bitch for trying to protect your 5 year old, and your 2 year olds ears. You are a good mom. dont let anyone, even your husband, tell you otherwise. I have also been accussed of 'causing problems' by my husbands family. It suck, I can relate. and im sorry this happened. :( The other day I had a 2 year old girl poke my 3 month old in the eyes. I was so mad I could have kicked the little brat in the head. Protection is a mothers instinct. I was seeing red, and Im sure you were too when she called him that. Good moms have that instinct, dont let them make you lose that. :)


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Corinne - posted on 08/04/2012




It is not okay for anyone to be calling your child names. Your husband needs to step up and take a stand on this with you. Maybe you could get some info together on your childs issues, call the family together and explain what is going on with him. Letters from your doctor explaining that this is what is wrong and how this will affect the child and also that this disorder is real and the child is most definately not a crybaby, could help too.
Sounds to me like your husband is in denial over the diagnosis? Maybe he needs to speak with the doctor some more to help him understand more.

Brittany - posted on 08/04/2012




..I would have done the same thing. Maybe grandmom should educate herself so she understands calling names ect. is not a way to teach a child anything valuable in life. Your son has sensory issues and should be expected to over react in certian situations, the people in his life need to learn how to handle him in a positive way to help him overcome the challenges life will face him with. Stand your ground with your husband and his mother. I bet your son doesn't think your a b**** for standing up for him ;)

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