is it ok if my child drinks pediasure daily once.


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Ev - posted on 07/05/2014




What the last poster said is true. Also you should consult a doctor if you are having some worries on your child's diet. Pedisure is also used when a child is sick and can not have regular foods so it acts like a clear liquid to help maintain the child's body while getting well.

Chet - posted on 07/05/2014




Pediasure is not ideal. It can be useful in short term situations, or with kids who are medically compromised in some way, but what you really want to aim for is a healthy, balanced diet that doesn't require supplements like this.

Its best for kids to get the nutrients they need from whole, unprocessed food. Liquid calories are also a problem because the brain doesn't recognise them and feel full the same is with solid food. Furthermore, Pediasure has quite a lot of sugar - enough that for small children, under the newly proposed WHO guidelines, one serving of Pediasure would exceed the recommended daily amount.

My advice would be to give Pediasure only if your child really needs it, and to give it for as sure a time as possible.

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