is it ok to be a stay-at-home mom with a bachelors degree?

Fairus - posted on 10/02/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




Im 27years old n im a mom of two daughters of three year old and six month..i get confused with myself wether i shud work as an engineer or just be a full time mother?


Sarah - posted on 10/02/2015




Do what you feel is best for your family. It does not matter what kind of degree you have or if you even have a degree. If you want to be a stay home mom then do that. If you want to work full time do that. If you want do work part time then do that. There is no right or wrong.....only what is right for your family. Making a certain choice now also does not mean it has to be your choice for the rest of your life.

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You should do what will make you the happiest. If you are a SAHM and you are not happy because you feel you're wasting your education, then your child will pick up on your stress and they will be unhappy, too. But if you are a career woman, and you are unhappy because you feel that you should be doing more to raise your child, then same results. You need to decide what you feel is best for your happiness and for your family's happiness. Once you make a decision, don't second guess yourself. Make the most out of either circumstance.

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Raising children is the most important and rewarding job in the world. If your financial situation is such that you can afford not to work then I would absolutely stay w/ your children no matter what your education.... especially while they are so young. You can always start looking for part time work in a year or two and consider full time again once your little one is in school (if you want, of course... nothing wrong w/ continuing to stay home... if finances allow).


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There is nothing wrong with choosing to stay home with your children. I have several degrees and I stayed home when I had my daughter. And then I went back to work once she was school age. But I continued to work when I had my oldest because our family needed the money and I was the main income earner. Choose whatever is best for your family.

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My sisters both worked full time because that is what made them happy. I too, was a full time nurse manager of a busy L&D unit. When I conceived my third, I decide to examine my finances a see if i could stay home. My mom was a SAHM but we had a farm to run so she really had no choice. She was the one who gave me the advice;
"When you are old and your kids are grown and gone, will you say to yourself;'I wished I had worked more and made more money, or I wish I had been there to see them walk, talk, play soccer etc...." It gave me tremendous peace of mind that staying home was the right choice for me. It isn't for everyone, but IMO if you can swing it financially; do it!
As an engineer, could you contract your time and work a few jobs a year? I did stay on my skill, I kept my license up to date and took classes. I work as a school nurse now and I LOVE it!

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