is it ok to give a 7month old juice during the day and formula at night

Beth - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 14 moms have responded )




my w.i.c is only giving me 3 cans of formula a month and he is going thru that plus more and with the heat ive been tring to give him more juice or water then formula i just wanna know if its safe to cut down his formula intake during the day


Jodi - posted on 08/09/2012




No, but you ARE suggesting cutting down his formula because WIC only gives you 3 cans, so I can see why people would draw the conclusion that you are wanting to cut back the formula to save money.

You should not be reducing the amount of formula your baby is drinking at this age because it is important for his nutrients. It is NOT safe to cut down on formula intake at this stage in his life. It will lead to malnutrition, and malnutrition has a long term effect on development.

Secondly, juice is not good for him, it is high in concentrated sugar. If you want him to have fruit, give him fruit, but juice is not necessary, and giving it to him all day is a pathway to an unhealthy diet, and potential obesity. Water is okay with meals, but don't cut back on the formula.


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Beth - posted on 08/11/2012




thanks lisa and i didnt mean to make ppl think that i can buy is milk cause i can i work full time to make sure that he always has what he needs so i dont need DHS so thanks anyways but as my only baby and with the heat he hasnt been wantin to drink the milk really and a few ppl told me to give him juice thats only why i asked

Lisa - posted on 08/11/2012




u can give your baby juice but make sure its apple juice and it is to be half water half apple juice this is from a pediatrution advice that is what they told me and the baby can have water as well u dont have to give him fromula at every meal as long as he is eating babyfood it will be fine i have to small boys and i have done this it wont hurt them at all to give them juice or water.

Paloma - posted on 08/11/2012




Hi!!, I´m a mexican mom, living in Mexico city. I have three kids, my youngest is 8 months-old now, at the moment this is what his pediatrician recommended for him:

8 am: Fruit+ some cereal (rice, oats, etc) and then formula (as much as he wants)
1 pm: Turkey, chicken or ham+ vegetables and after that his formula (with no limit)
6pm: same as in the mornings.

He usually drinks 5oz-8oz every time. He goes to bed at 8pm-9pm after his fourth bib (4oz-6oz)

Strawberries, pineapple and citrics are not allowed. No exceptions for vegetables but they must be cooked (not for avocado of course)
Cereals are sold as Gerber 1st stage ( I dont´n know for the States)

And finally if he wants any other meal besides those I mentioned above, it must be just the formula.

Hope this is helpful. :-)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/10/2012




Definitely needs primarily formula. That should be his main source of food. Call wic and let them know what is going on. They should be able to change things around due to his needs.

Liz - posted on 08/10/2012




Why are they only giving you three cans? Are you still part-time nursing? If you haven't talked to WIC, you should contact them and see why they are only giving you that much. When my kids were that age we were getting 8 cans a month, and about every other month I had to buy an extra can.

Annie Matilda - posted on 08/10/2012




I have to agree. A 7 month old shouldn't even have tasted juice because it's empty calories filled with sugar and all it does is rotten his teeth and fill up his tiny stomach, so he hasn't got room for the good stuff like milk.
I would cut juice out of his diet completely and start him with solids alongside of formula, he is too young to be giving less of that.
If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you look up some recipes that allow you to make him big portions of things like oatmeal or any kind of nutritiousness food. Avocado is really high on that scale as just like breast milk has those healthy nutrients.

Elfrieda - posted on 08/09/2012




No, that will just malnourish him. He needs the formula for his brain to develop properly. Do whatever you can to feed your baby what he needs, not just whatever will fill his belly. Maybe give up coffee, soda, or tea for yourself and that will be enough to buy another can.

Kaitlin - posted on 08/09/2012




don't give him juice- it's empty sugar calories, and it will damage his teeth.
Try adding solid foods high in healthy fats and protein, like avocados, bananas, chicken breast, etc.
But like Sharon said, if you aren't into solids yet, you will have to rearrange some things, because he needs the nutrition of formula. Check out coupon websites, church and food programs in your area, even shelters sometimes provide some extra formula.

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Honestly? juice isn't necessary. If you want to cut down formula you just need to make sure he is getting enough nutrition from his solid foods. If he isn't eating enough solids then you will need to sort out your budget to afford extra formula.

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