is it ok to give infants over 6months a small dose Oo f triamanic


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Chana - posted on 03/27/2015




Even the homeopathic cough medicines are not recommended for children under 2. I use the Hyland's Cough and Cold and it says right on the label ages 2-11. I have not found ANY cold medicine that is safe to give children under 2. The best things for a cough/cold in an infant is saline spray for the nose and a snot sucker(sorry can't remember what they are really called), run a humidifier to moisten the air and elevate the head of the crib. That is what most pediatricians will tell you.

Allyson - posted on 03/26/2015




Do you mean the cough medicine ? If you do then no its not ok it's very dangerous. Just Tylenol when they are that young or a homeopathic cough syrup for babies

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