Is it ok to mix breastfeeding and bottle feeding ?

Charley - posted on 11/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 4 days old and I've been breastfeeding her but want to start bottle feeding her at night so her dad can get up in the night to feed her but I want to carry on breastfeeding in the day, is ok to mix breastfeeding and bottles of formular milk or will this Upset her tummy or confuse her ? advice would be helpful I'm 18 a first time mum an in need of lots of advice and reassuring I'm doing things right , thankyou


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Jo - posted on 07/15/2013




I'm wondering how everything turned out for you.

I've been reading that it is quite fine to do both, that is really just depends on the baby. I am 32 weeks along with my first and plan on attempting both so that my husband can be involved with the feedings. I have been doing a lot of research and decided on the Tommee Tippee bottles, as they allow for a similar experience to breast-feeding.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/18/2012




It may cause nipple confusion at such a young age. You want to establish a good routine with BFing, then introduce the bottle. Bottle feeding is a faster flow, so often they will just want bottle. My personal suggestion, offer the bottle at about 1-2 months old. Give her a chance to really get used to the breast first. It can take a while for baby to really get the full hang of it, and if you offer the bottle to soon, it could screw up the bfing. Also, you can start pumping between feedings to establish a good BM supply for bottle feeding. But you can also do formula.

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