Is it ok to try and deny overnight visits?

Demelia - posted on 01/16/2014 ( 6 moms have responded )




So as of New Years Eve I was informed by the father of my chilren that we will no longer be together and as of February first he will be moving out. No biggie, I could deal with that and keep it civil. Only problem is recently I have found out that he is actually moving in with the girl he has been "talking" to. Not only am I now going the legal route for child supprt (he wants to pay $50 a month per kid), but I was wondering if it would be wrong to ask the courts to deny overnight stays with him. I'm just not sure how the kiddos would take to the shock of him leaving (they don't know yet) and the fact that daddy is already with an living with anoyher woman. It just seems too much at once for a 3 and 5 year old to process. Can anyone help me here?


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I have to agree with the ladies here. Also though, in my state, in the visitation roster, it says that no parent should be living with anyone who is not blood relation or married to said parent. Its in my visitation roster. So, you can ask to have that stipulation made in the custody and or visitation orders. I know that this day and time, its not thought of twice for people to live like this with kids involved; But some states do say that unless married or blood relative; no one lives in the house but the kids and parent.


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Wana sign my Petition? I'm going to try to change visitation rights that no over nights with the noncustodial parent take place until the age of 3 or 4. I'm sorry if this gets some dads upset, but I'm fighting to protect my daughter. I have put a petition together for you to sign. Please do so by going to this site and sign it and share it PLEASE!!..I will have proof of how it effects our children. I need 2000 signatures! Thank you so much!!

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You can ask the court anything you want. The chances of a judge denying him overnight visitations w/out a REALLY good cause are slim to none. Him already living w/ another woman 'might' be a reason... but it really depends on the judge and if there are any laws in your area that would support this.

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Well, I can guarantee that the shock will be compounded by you refusing to let them stay with their dad overnight.

The best route you can take is to be a mature adult, and co parent with your soon to be ex, rather than fighting over every little detail. Having another partner is not a reason to deny overnights. Him deciding to leave is no reason to deny overnights. You not liking the situation is no reason.

The only reason a denial of overnight stays is feasible is if there is a proven danger to the children.

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The courts will not deny overnight visits because he is living with someone, and child support is going to be based on what he earns. For my two kids it's based on a full time minimum wage job so for my two kids I'm supposed to get $97 a week. Your kids are pretty young and they will adjust it won't necessarily be easy but they'll get through. It will also be easier for them if you get along with your ex and don't do things like denying overnight visits with their dad.

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