Is it okay for my stepdaughter to call my mom?

Mel - posted on 05/05/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a step daughter that i have been raising since she was 3 to 4 years old. Im 35 and i don't have children of my own, just her. Her father has full custody of her, cause the mom couldn't take care of her. Her mom doesn't call her as much as she should, doesn't help her economically, doesn't do much for her. Her mom just picks her up once or twice a year to spend time with her. My point is that me as the stepmom, am the one who spends times with her and the dad, give her what she needs, love her and protect her. The father and I are her circle. But yet i feel bad that she calls me mom cause i know she has her biological mom even though she's not present in her life like she should. Ive been raising her all this time and she's 7 years old now. I love her like she was my own daughter. She has been a blessing in my life. She knows she has a biological mom but yet she calls me mom sometimes. Im concern that the mom will get bother by it, that she calls me mom and will think im taking her place, and Im not. All i do is follow my heart. I love my step daughter and all i do is provide this child all the love that she needs, care for her, protect her and the father as well. I cant help how she sees me but yet i feel bad. is that normal? Is that ok that she calls me mom?


Michelle - posted on 05/05/2016




It would be natural for her to call you Mum since her own Mum isn't around.
I wouldn't make a big deal of it, let her call you what she wants.


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Ev - posted on 05/05/2016




Never feel bad about a step child calling you mom especially if bio mom is not in the picture that much. You have built up a bond with her and she knows who is mom to her.

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