Is it okay that children who have not been immunised be looked at as if they have some disease?


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Liz - posted on 03/18/2011




not saying how would you identify a child who hasnt been immunised. All im asking is, Do you think it right that although a child hasnt been immunised that they be singled out? Im trying to get different perspectives based on personal experience. I have older sisters who havent immunised their kids, and when at school the teachers seem to look at us and our kids as if they need to be contained.

Louise - posted on 03/17/2011




How would another person know that that child has not been immunised? Nobody knows for sure. Most parents these days do have their child vaccinated or they opt for the vaccines to be given individually. My sons had all the baby jabs but did not go back for the booster ones when they were 4 as this was a new thing and I felt it unnecessary. My sons when entering college and uni decided to have the jabs themselves because they were about to live in close contact with hundereds of teenagers.

I know there are alot of mums out there that do frown on mums that decide not to have their child vaccinated, as I said on another post vaccinating your child does not stop your child catching these illnesses it just gives them a milder dose. Just because your child has not been vaccinated it does not mean that they will catch those illnesses it just means if they do they will be affected alot worse and in the worst case could die.

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