Is it okay to keep track of what my 15 year old daughter eats?

Kristin - posted on 02/11/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 15 year old daughter makes such bad food choices. I have seen her gain 25 pounds over the last year. Is it wrong to keep track of what she eats?


Jodi - posted on 02/11/2014




I am not sure some ladies in this conversation have older children. She is 15. My son had a job at 15. He had his own money. He had freedom (as opposed to "he will only eat why you buy" - of COURSE they have access to other avenues at this age). We have to hope we have taught them healthy habits before they reach this age, but it is pretty typical of teens to eat a bit of junk.

In all honesty, you just need to find out how she is getting the junk, and have an honest chat with her. Let her know it is her choice, but that you hope she is making healthy choices. If her weight is bothering her, she will most likely start making better choices. However, maybe she was thin before and she is just filling out! That happens to a lot of girls too. You need to be really careful about how you approach it.


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Andrea - posted on 02/11/2014




Be careful here this is a touchy subject with Young Girls.. My mom did this to me and I ended up being bulimic from the age 14 to 19 was the worst for me I lost a anywhere for 10 to 15lbs a week at 5'3" and the age of 20 I was just a 100lbs.. healthy is 125 to 135 is what my doctor told me.. It took me meeting my husband and him helping me to realize food was my friend not the enemy. However I still struggle with this and I am 27 almost 28 years old.. I got pregnant when I was 20 It was very hard to eat and not make my self sick, but I knew it was to keep my baby healthy.. I struggled with this with all 3 of my pregnancies, I would watch the scale and with each one I only gained 15lbs...
I would maybe try to talk with her about why she is wanting to eat the bad things.. Maybe she has some personal issues happening at school and is finding comfort in food.. I hope this is helpful in some way... Best wishes and take care

Kathryn - posted on 02/11/2014




That's so hard because she probably has options to get food you don't buy. At school there are "choices" in the lunchroom. At our kids' school, children can use money from their accounts to buy a la carte items and eat nothing but junk. At our school the parents can call and request that they only be allowed to buy the whole lunch, no a la carte items. Maybe you can too. If she has money she can go to convenience stores, etc. and buy junk--and you won't be able to track that unless she tells you. You would have to control her money to prevent that. It gets harder as they get older. You do have the right and the responsibility to know what she is doing in all will be held responsible by many for her decisions.

Kayla - posted on 02/11/2014




If she is 15, she isn't buying the groceries I presume? She can only eat what you buy. Therefore, if you buy junk, that's what she is eating. If you buy healthy food, she will eat that. And if she doesn't like the healthy food choices, well, she will get used to it. If the whole family makes healthy food choices and has some sort of fun exercise regime, then she won't feel like she is being singled out and targeted for her weight.

Dove - posted on 02/11/2014




At 15? Yeah, I'd say so. Have only healthy options in the home and talk about the whole family eating right and exercising together. Tracking her food will probably make her feel 'targeted' which can make any depression or other psychological reasons just that much worse.

She needs to be self motivated to make healthy choices or nothing 'you' do will amount to anything except harm.

Sorry! Maybe talk to her doctor or a counselor to find the best way to encourage healthiness w/out targeting weight.

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