Is it okey to give my 3yr a brake from school after he refused school?


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Duse1 - posted on 06/24/2015




My Three year old was already registered for preschool the same year his father passed away.. I sent him even though some where inside I knew I should not,,but he was already registered from the year before, and people were full of advice... I feel we sell our children short, My son was not ready for preschool that year, he was afraid of leaving, that I might go some where like his father did.. I stopped pushing it, and he did go the following year,,with me riding the bus with him and going to the preschool at least one or two days a week...eventually he did not need mom there at all.. he made friends and all was well.

I know your child probably has none of the same issues as my son, but if there has been any big changes in his life,,think about that for a moment and then make your decision. Even a move to a different location could make him feel insecure and need you around more...
I would think this through before making your decision.. I for one am so glad I figured this out.. I did not traumatize my child, and cause him to be an insecure adult. he is very understanding and loving adult,, with no real issues. Death is a big deal I know and maybe I am off base here. But listen to your child. Mine at three was old enough to finally tell me why he was fighting when I was trying to put him on the bus.

I might want to add.. I am a School bus driver now. I have seen preschoolers that are ready for this and ones that are not. Forcing them I feel is wrong. But this is your child, I will let you make that decision for yourself. .. I would talk to him.. Find out what upsets him when he goes.. Remember the ones I have on my bus,, are surrounded by 60 to 80 other children,, most of which are all older then they are.. My preschoolers ratio, there are usually only three or four tops.. This is a big deal.. and needs to be treated as such.. OH and make sure to tell him how proud you are of him for mingling with the big kids. I always try and make their transition on my bus an enjoyable one.. They always sit up front with me.. not all over the place with older kids,, I hope if your's is on a bus like this you ask the bus driver to sit him up front.. some drivers forget.. best to make sure,
My point here, Remember when you were a kindergarten student,, Big kids lots of different things to remember, and the preschoolers of today have it so much harder.
Good luck to you.. and Good luck to your little preschooler.. I bet he will surprise you if things are handled right..

Raye - posted on 06/24/2015




Why are you letting a 3 year old dictate your parenting? You should know what's best for them. They do not know what's best for them. I do believe that it is important for your child to be doing activities where he can interact with other children his age.

Preschool may not be mandatory, but it can be beneficial to both mommy and child. It allows a break for mommy to get other chores done or just to have some relaxing time, and it provides social and mental activities to aid a child's development. If you don't want to put the child in preschool, or they're not ready, then you should be active in programs, playgroups, reading times, mom's clubs or other activities where you and your child can work on your child's development and get them prepared for school and ready for life as they get older.

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