Is it possible for babies to become addicted to tylenol, motrin ect..

Katt - posted on 02/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I was just wondering because when my daughter is teething before bed I give her half a dose of Infant Motrin because it helps her sleep threw the night but the past month or so she has been teething non stop and i'm worried she may become dependable on it, I stopped giving it to her for a week but she was up from 1-4 then up again from 5-6 then just super cranky all day because she didn't sleep. I've tried the homeopathic stuff but it doesn't seem to last threw the night and is up a lot then too.


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I don't think it's addicted cause I have given my son tylenol since he was 3 months old cause he had surgery and then after that was cause he was teething and kept getting sick..and when I've quit given it to him he was fine the only thing I have a problem with it is he likes it to much cause when I've got it out so I can give it to him he will start to laugh cause he likes the taste that's the only problem I have with it..But other then that I don't think it is addicting cause he's fine after he quits taking it

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I have always given my children something when theyeething. as long as it is low-dose, I done see it being a problem. I would try an ice-pop before bed and some orajel after that. If tylenol is taken too long you have to watch for liver damage. But that doesn't usually happen for months of taking it all the time.

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She's probably fine. Just make sure you alternate. If you give only tylenol, it will stop working. give tyl one time, motrin the next. You should give her a full dose (that is recomended for her weight though). Incorrect dosing could cause seriouse problems. A docor at the hospital warned my friend to make sure she gave her son the right dosing. He had swine flu at the time. They said that they've seen a lot of fatalities in kids because of parent's giving the wrong dose. Not just with swine flu but other illnesses too. I went through bottles and bottles of it when my kids were growing up so, she shouldn't be addicted. Probably just not getting enough in each dose. And your right. Homeopathic stuff doesn't work for everyone.


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Karen - posted on 02/01/2010




Research has been carried out which suggests that it is possible to become dependant on any drug, nothing conclusive, but that alone makes me only give meds when is it absolutely necessary.

Is motrin a paracetamol suspension? Because extended use of paracetamol can cause liver damage. Read through the directions on the leaflet again, on most over the counter medication it tells you that it is not meant for extended use and to consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If the medicine is the only thing that helps with the pain go see your doctor he/she will be able to tell you if it is safe to continue.

Becca - posted on 02/01/2010




When my brother had cancer he was prescribed lots of different pain killers and asked about the risk of addiction. What we were told was that you can't become addicted if the pain killer is used for pain but that overuse can lead to it being less effective.

Janice - posted on 02/01/2010




I don't think it will become a problem. I think of it this way, if your teeth hurt, you would take something for it until they didn't hurt. Then when you were over the pain, you wouldn't take anything anymore. Plus, I gave my daughter motrin and tylenol during teething a lot too. She did not seem to have a problem with not taking it anymore. Good luck and if you are super worried call your Dr. that's what you pay them for.

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