Is it possible for him to get custody or visitaion?

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I dated this guy my junior through senior years in highschool. He became so controlling. He had to know who I talked to, what I talked about, what time I got back to school from lunch,etc. He pressured me into doing drugs, smoking, fighting with my parents, and trying to get pregnant with him. He isolated me from my family and friends, and caused problems between my parents marriage. He even once told me he has killed 3 people, and been involved in gangs. At the end, he told me it was all a lie. But who would be that crazy to make up a story like that? He said if I ever cheated on him, he would tell me ways of how he would torture them. There are several other things that happened.
Even though all the choices I made were terrible mistakes, I learned from them. After I broke up with him, he immediately slammed his fists onto the trunk of the car, creating two dents. And later that night, my aunt saw him at the gas station, and seen him slam his fist into the window and broke it. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I tried avoiding him as hard as I could through the summer. I even moved 2.5 hours away to live with my sister for the summer, and work as hard as I could to save money. Two weeks later, I found out he moved to the same city.

I have now become a reborn christian, and I am living with my parents and currently work for a Drilling Company. I am an excellent mother to my baby. I cant even begin to fathom the idea of my sweet precious baby being taken under the care of him. My son is three months old, and i am being taken to court over this matter. I am in the process of seeing an expensive lawyer, but my question is, is there any way for him to get custody or any type of visitation? I believe he doesnt care about my son. I believe he is just doing this to have power and control over me still. And he wants my son to have his last name. He uses the F word about every 3 words, uncontrollable road rage and a very scary temper. I cant imagine my son being in his hands. I have no proof of the things he has said to me, but he does have a criminal record and I have people who have witnessed some of his awful behavior. He is not listed on the birth certificate. I dont want him to have ANYTHING to do with my son, me, or my family. Is there any way for him to get custody or visitation?


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Yes. If you have enough documented evidence (like police reports, copies of texts/emails, etc..) you may be able to push for supervised visitations, but he 'could' end up with as much as joint custody depending on your evidence and judge.

As much as he may suck (and it sounds like he sucks BAD).... he is the baby's father and they both have a right to a relationship with each other.

Good luck!

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