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I was at a meeting the other day and a bunch of moms were sitting around just talking about its a way for us to just vent and get advice, kinda like circle of moms but its in person and you can talk one on one in a group.

This one mom was saying that she has a kids of her own and nicecs and newphews... she loves her children but at the time sometimes she feels like she doesnt like children, Its not just with her own children its just in general, she feels very stressed out and ovewhelmed, she starts feeling like she just wasnt cut out for motherhood?

My answer for her," your great moms, and you are probably feel like this because you are overwhelmed and stressed out sometimes... Every mom gets to the point that she is going to break every now and then, it is perfectly normal to get stressed out and feel overwhelmed, or that you have no help when your at home with your kids by youself for the day.

Just becuase You get these feelings doesnt mean that you werent meant for motherhood, It just means that your humen and get stressed like every other mother on the planet."

What you do ladies think? any advice on what I will be able to say nxt time if it comes up again?

Thanks ladies.


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I love my kids! But I am not a fan of other peoples kids, I can only tolerate my nephew in small increments, thankfully I think most kids know that I'm not fond of them so they just stay away :)

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Oh it's very possible. I love my daughter and my unborn son. I have nieces and nephews that I love as well. But in all honesty, I don't really like other people's kids. I'm just not really a kid person. There's nothing wrong with that. You don't really have to like other people's kids. As long as she loves her own and takes proper care of them, that's all that matters.


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Thats what she was saying, That she loved her kids, and she loves her niece and nephew but has no pascients with them... and even her kids... her kids are in school and she said that she gets so frustrated with them because they come home from school and know everything and dont listen... and when her niece and newphew are with her, can also can only handle them in small increments becuase they are younger and cry and need someone with them at all times i guess.... I feel bad for her becuase she seems genually upset that she is starting to feel like she should have never had kids?

I have a daughter and a niece and nephew also, I love when they are at my house and around, I will admot that when all 3 of the kids are running around and screaming then it gets a little crazy and I get frustrated but thats normal everyone gets frustrated when you have kids running around and screaming

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I enjoy my kids as adults far better than any other stage in their lives (they're all grown-up now).

Someone said to me when I was pregnant with my 2nd child "I bet you're really excited and can't wait to meet your new baby!"

And I was like "I can't wait to have my body back to myself and for pregnancy to come to an end!"

Are we supposed to be excited when we're pregnant?

Pregnancy, infancy, childhood & adolescence are all stages. Stages in producing another adult for this world we live in!

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I think you said the right thing. Maybe next time you can talk about how everyone has their favourite stages of childhood, and maybe her kids just aren't there yet.

For example, I really don't like the baby stage, I find it overwhelming and stressful, but I really like toddlers, I find them funny and interesting. So I was very stressed out when my first was a baby because people would scream with delight upon seeing him and say things like, "Enjoy this time, this is the sweetest he'll ever be." Actually, in MY opinion, he started being irresistably sweet at 1 year and just has been getting better ever since. (he'll be 3 on Thursday!) Other people moan about temper tantrums, but that part doesn't really bother me like it does others. We're all different.

Now that I know I'm not a baby person, I'm actually enjoying my newborn daughter a lot more, because there's not this pressure on to "enjoy this time or else you're abnormal!" I can just enjoy her when it happens, and take good care of her the rest of the time without feeling overly happy about it, because I feel like taking good care of her and loving her now will result in a wonderful baby that will be more fun in about 6 months. Trying to make yourself feel something is stressful and useless.

With men, nobody bats an eye if they say, "I only really started enjoying my children when they reached 4 years old or so", but women are Bad Moms if they say something like that. But maybe this woman will feel more delighted with her kids when they are school-age.

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Well, she doesn't have to like others kids. She has to like her own.

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