Is it possible to do a Bridal Shower on a budget, especially the food??

Sue - posted on 02/18/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I will be giving my new daughter-in-law a Bridal Shower (her 3rd marriage/my son's 2nd marriage) for family & very close friends in the near future. (she has no sisters, her mom is deceased) I love giving showers, but haven't done so in this economy! Hubby & I are retired and living on a very fixed income. My question: Does anyone have any neat decorating, food, games ideas, etc. that can be done on a strict budget - mostly the refreshments!! ?? I already have a lovely tone-on-tone white tablecloth & will be using my own 8" glass plates & my own forks, also my own punch bowl using the punch cups. Her favorite color is green, so I thought I would use a green color-theme plus they're honeymooning on Miami Beach, so I thought I'd use a "beachy" theme ~ like napkins, shells, star fish, tiny cocktail umbrellas scattered around the centerpiece, etc. (which may be the cake or cupcakes, but haven't decided yet). I love games so I've thought up so far: "How well do you know the Bride?" - Ask questions about the Bride; "Advice Cards" for the Bride (can use index cards if necessary); send a recipe card in the invitation & ask every guest to give the bride their easiest recipe; a "Money Tree" to help with their Honeymoon (which is mentioned on the invitations) using a small 3' Christmas tree with little clothes pins. I hate to buy games when I can make them up! But, besides small ham & turkey rolls, grapes & cheese, veggies & dip, chips & homemade dip, plus I've thought of pasta salad (not too expensive to make), deviled eggs, maybe frozen meatballs & sauce in crockpot.....does anyone have any "cheap to make" food appropriate for a Bridal Shower?? Is the host always expected to have favors? Any ideas on the aforementioned things would be appreciated!!! Thanks much, Suzann58


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You could ask the guests to bring a dish each. Most showers I've been to in the last 10 years have been done this way (including 1 I've thrown). Most people are happy to bring a dish, you get a fun variety, and everyone understands that money is tight for everyone right now. That way you can free up some of your budget for other things. Good luck, and congratulations!

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The foods you listed sound great and remember people usually overestimate with food anyway, having heaps left is worse than people eating it all! Usually you don't give out party favours at a bridal shower. I agree with cob loaf too it is usually a winner and you can only eat so much of it so it goes a long way.


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Ladies, thanks so much for the fast replies!! I have until 5/6 to do this, but I just like to get it all straight in my head, buy the things I need a little at a time (for budget reasons) ~ then I can relax & forget about it until a couple weeks prior when the invitations are mailed out. I might add that my son & wife (they actually got married 1/31) know our situation and really don't expect an elaborate shower, but I just love this girl so much that I wanted to do something!!! They actually dated at age 15 in 9th Grade, & hadn't seen each other in 20 yrs. (she had moved out of the area after HS) until their paths crossed a couple yrs. ago, about the time that both their marriages of 12 yrs. each were crumbling. And, I loved this girl 20 yrs. ago as well (her mom was killed in a car crash when they were dating then, plus my son had to come back closer to our house as a Jr. to attend a new HS, leaving her at the older HS), so I am more than happy that they found each other again!!! I truly believe it was fate! They each have three children ranging in age from 15 down to almost 5 yr. old twins!!! For their salvation, they each share custody with their exes and all live within a mile radius of each other, which makes it easier to drop off &/or pick up kids. I may add that they are GREAT parents, are very "A" people with tons of energy (at ages 36 & 37) & organized, which comes in handy when dealing with six kids!!! ha!

Kimberly, I've never heard of a "cob cake," although by the way you described it I think I may have tasted several at other functions over the yrs. The one I'm most familiar with is a round, Hawaiian-type bread & there are numerous types of dip that you can make & put inside! A question: when you say 'condensed milk," are you referring to Campbell's Cream of something soup or sweetened condenses milk? (A great idea in any event & one I hadn't thought of!! Thanks much!! ;) I have been really debating between "pick up" type food or some that need a fork. And I really don't think it matters that much since I have a dishwasher. Thanks to my mother-in-law who left us lovely depression glass dishes, I can always set a really pretty table (as I also have a separate LR & DR) I also have enough of the smaller dessert plates as well. Thank goodness, depression glass can be mixed & matched in color!!!

Thanks Kimberly, Emma & Sarah (so far) for your great suggestions!! ;o)


Kimberly - posted on 02/19/2012




You sound like you have it pretty much under control I would be very happy to attend a party and be served that. If some other foods you want to make there is always a cob loaf, which is getting a cob loaf and gutting all the inside out, breaking it into pieces to toast later, In a pot brown onions,bacon then add to cans of low fat condenst milk, what ever hebs like dill,chives,parley and also some grated cheese stir together then put in cob loaf and with pieces on the side put into the oven until the bread is toasted and so is loaf, Sorry if you knew how to make one already. Could also do small egg salad sandwhichs. Hope it is a good party and best of luck

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