Is it possible to have Normal viginal birth after 2 cesereans?

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Dear All

I had my two kids 7years the other would have been 1 year (passed on) both ceserean birth due to last minute complications. Now I am pregnant again and would love to try normal viginal 'WATER" birth. My gynae discouraged me, she told me about the possibility of tearing the scar and baby might die, she scared me so much that I said okay no normal birth but I would love to know if any of you have an experience in this, if its true I might die? or is there a way of finding out other posibilities. I dont want to risk at all costs but if there was a way I would prefer normal birth.


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Firebird - posted on 05/16/2012




Go find a midwife. Lots of women have VBA2Cs, a midwife will be able to check out how well you've healed from your c-sections and give you an honest answer whether or not you qualify for a natural birth. Midwives are generally more supportive about natural births. And do lots of your own research. The chances of "tearing the scar and baby might die" are pretty slim. ( doctors do love playing the dead baby card.) If you're scared read some of the stories on this site:

These are real women with real experiences who aren't just pulling random numbers out of their heads. It encouraged me greatly to make myself as informed as possible about procedures, as well as my rights as a patient.

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