is it right to have only one child

Padma - posted on 05/08/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




i have one daughter about 4 yrs old and i am so confused whether to have one more or not. i am working and i am not sure whether there will be any elder person to look after the small kid. i am also scared that if i leave with one daughter will she be left alone in future.


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Cassie - posted on 05/08/2011




I am 25 years old and i have 1 daughter she will be 2 in aug.. I dont want anymore children. I have worried about the same thing about will she be alone in the future or will she ever get lonely growing up.. But i have thought about it long and hard and if i only stick with 1 child then she will get all my attention and all my time will be spent with her. she wont have a brother or sister to fight with and you wont have to worrie about one being jealous of the other.. i just want 1 and i already have her. Follow your heart if you want more go for it. if you dont then fine.

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It is 100% wrong to have more children for the sole reason of having a playmate for your older child. It is 100% right to successfully, and happily raise an only child in a manner that he/she may be only, but never lonely. Only children adapt so well to their surroundings and they can create any kind of future they want! I am so proud to be the mother of an only child. If I brought more kids into this world, it would be for the wrong reasons. Go with your gut instinct. No one but you & your partner/husband can determine the right number of children for your family. Best of luck to you!

Bonnie - posted on 05/08/2011




Honestly it is completely up to you. If you are happy and satisfied with just one child than stay with one. If you have thoughts that a time down the road could come where you could regret not having another child than I think that is your answer and you should have another.

Most parents will never regret having another no matter how many children they have. But there could always be that possibility that you could regret never having another one.

The reasons you are posting are what most parents think of especially if the husband wants to be in the birthing room, but these are only reasons for the time being, not for life.

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If you are happy to be Mum to one, then it is right. There is no right or wrong that determines how many children you should have. It is all about the individual and what makes you feel complete as a family.

Louise - posted on 05/08/2011




If you are in a loving stable relationship then why not! If you are a single mum and only doing this to give your daughter a playmate then this is not a reason to bring another life into the world. If you are thinking of years from now when you pass then she will not be alone as she will more than likely be married with children of her own. She will not be alone at all. Make a decision for the unborn baby, do YOU want another baby and would that child be loved and cherished with a mum and dad figure in his life. Only you can decide.

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