Is it safe to breastfeed while pregnant? Is is safe to breastfeed 2 at 1 time?

Emilie - posted on 02/06/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




just wondering for a family member of mine that has a infant and just found out she is pregnant again. She wants to breastfeed her baby as long as possible, she is 6 months old, but she is nervous because she is worried about her, her baby and her unborn baby.


Mel - posted on 02/06/2010




the only thing that i was told when i asked a dr was (as i was going to concieve while i was breast feeding, as we knew i was cycling).... It was unfair on the unborn child, as the toddler would be drinking what colostrum my body is trying to make, and not giving the breasts a break (or chance to make good colostrum), means that the baby inside you, wont get the good quality milk when born, which means it wont get the anitbodies it needs.... This scared me enough, to not fall pregnant while i was breast feeding, and i took the mini pill... Breast feeding groups tell you its safe, however my Dr showed me studdies done, on how ill the second child can get without getting the colostrum, and if they do get ill, how long it takes for them to get over it, it takes nearly 3 times longer... and this isnt just babies, this was teenages as well.... I really dont know what to believe, i just thought id tell you the other side of the story....

Rita - posted on 02/06/2010



5 is the deal.....Hydrate....Hydrate! make sure to have the appropriate caloric intake of HEALTHY food too. The pregnancy and the baby BF ing are going to get her nutrients first, so making sure that the intake meets the out put is important. I did this....I had to stop BF ing my little one due to contractions at 29 weeks. My doc said that the BF ing was bringing on mild if she has an issue with preterm contractions, she needs to ask the doc if the bfing is bringing them on....because it CAN do that, but so many women tandem nurse....I am so glad I was forced to wean my first one....BFing one of them was enough at 1 time for me. But she needs to make sure she is taking the prenatal vitamins too.

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It is absolutely safe to breastfeed while pregnant. In the words of my OB, "what do people think they do in Africa?!?" :) She's the best!

She did advise me, though, that if I started having problems with my pregnancy that we should discuss if it could be related to breastfeeding. I am nursing and pregnant now in the same situation (my little girl was 6 months old when I found out I was pregnant). I haven't had a single problem except that I am starting to produce less now so I am trying to let her nurse as often as possible to keep my supply up. I have heard some say that their baby weaned when they got pregnant because the taste of the milk may change and at some point it will switch back to colostrum, but my little girl never batted an eye. She's quite the eater though! :)

Be sure to tell your family member that if her milk supply does drop some to be careful about using herbal remedies and to be sure to talk to someone well versed in breastfeeding for help (ie. not all doctors know much about breastfeeding...find one who does!).

BEST breastfeeding website in the world: The articles and videos can help you through just about anything if you don't have good breastfeeding support.

One last thing, tandem nursing (nursing two at once) is perfectly fine and the longer you breastfeed your baby the healthier they will be! :) I agree with the other mom who said that the newborn should eat first though...I haven't studied it extensively but it makes sense to do it that way and then you don't have to worry about him/her getting enough. But if people can nurse twins there is no reason to believe that your newborn will not get enough because you are feeding two. It's all supply and demand and our bodies are amazing things that can adapt much better than we know or understand!

Tell her to go for it! :)

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no harm, I did it, my sons are 15 months apart. which means I got preggo when my first was 6 months old. he got weaned when he was two years old. I nursed the newborn first and when he was done then I'd nurse the toddler. the only problem we had was the toddler would get jealous when he saw his breasts nursed on by another baby. he'd cuddle up to me and cry while the baby nursed. if you have help, i'd suggest getting someone to take the toddler while you nurse the baby.
oh and antibodies are always in the milk, the colostrum is protein rich, but my second child is more healthy than my first, so I don't think it hurt him at all, lol

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There is no problem I have done it twice, she may want to increase her milk and also the taste of her milk may change during pregnancy. Rule of thumb after the baby is born....she needs the newborn to get her milk needs met first!

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I have a friend who did it, but she had to wean her little girl when the colostrm came through because her body wasn't able to produce the same quantity and her daughter was getting hungry. So I suppose it's a wait and see how things go kind of situation, everyone's different and there are plenty of babies who are perfectly healthy and never breastfed, so I'm sure what ever decision you make for your current and unborn child wil be the right one for all of you.

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i had the same issue...I did speak with my doctor, but had no problems and he actually thought it was a great idea to keep me from gaining unnecessary baby weight..worked great!!!!

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but then again i know a lady that was breastfeeding till here son was 3 and then had trouble getting him off

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It is safe, but she may find that her milk will change and the baby may not like it and wean herself off. That's what happened to my sister-in-law :)

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I have heard that you can but your milk can change taste to the older child and they may want to stop breast feeding themselves. But I think it is great if you can and do breast feed two. More people should breastfeed.

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It's absolutely safe, as long as she eats well. And even if she didn't, it wouldn't hurt the baby she's carrying, it would hurt her. But I know tons of moms who breastfed while pregnant and who breastfed two children and all the moms and kids are lovely and healthy. Unfortunately she might come across medical professionals who may tell her otherwise, but it's kind of sad how little most doctors and nurses know about nursing. She has to do what feels right to her!

She may find, however, that later in pregnancy her milk supply may drop. While it doesn't happen all the time, it can happen. Even then she can continue to nurse, though, depending on how she feels about it.

Stevie - posted on 02/06/2010




yeah its safe the baby might not like to to much have you seen the 18 kids and counting its not normal for a women to become pregnant while they are breastfeeding but obviously it can happen lol but yeah its safe and yes you can breastfeed two babies at one time moms of twins do it atleast the ones who chose to her food intake and so on has to grow alot so she can still provide for both babies

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