Is it safe to get pregnant after 6 months giving birth via c-section? my OB doctor advice me 2-3 years before getting pregnant is that safe?


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Jodi - posted on 11/13/2013




Your OB is right. Your body is not healed, and you risk complications if you get pregnant too soon. I'm sure you will have women come on here and say "oh, I did it and I was okay", but honestly, research demonstrates that it is a MUCH higher risk pregnancy and has a greater possibility of something going wrong if you don't allow your body to heal fully. You just had major abdominal surgery. Give it a chance to heal properly before you decide to put another watermelon in it!

Jessica - posted on 11/13/2013




Probably not very safe. Your uterus needs time to heal fully after a c-section - it's a tough muscle, but you want it in good shape before it has to do the Herculean task of protecting another growing fetus. Six months isn't long when you consider the trauma that muscle has gone through - being sliced open. Plus, your abdominal muscles will be the same. If you do get pregnant, then the likelihood of injury (to you) is high. Even I had to be careful because my ab muscles tore and split during my pregnancy...I didn't have a c-section and the muscles are still healing after 7 months. You would just have to be EXCEPTIONALLY careful and I would suggest asking advice on how to do so.

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