Is it safe to heat baby food in the microwave when stored/frozen in cubes or baby food jars?

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I make all of my son's food at home and then store/freeze in baby food jars or cubes which are specially made for baby food. When its time to feed him, I take the jar/cubes out of freezer, place in a dish with warm water for a minute or two before heating it up in microwave. I was told by a friend, who is also a mom that this is not safe. She thaws her son's food the night before. The following day she move the food into a microwave safe dish and heat up. I am now concerned that I have been doing it wrong all along! My son is 8 months and is on solids 3 times a day. He started solids at 6 months.


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If that is the worry, about nutrient loss, just heat it up on the stove. No biggy. Take it out of the freezer the night before in the fridge to thaw, then heat on the stove top. I think the microwave is more dangerous for hot spots than anything.


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I was told not to because the microwave creates hot spots in the food. It could be perfect temperature, except for one area and you could end up unintentionally scalding the babies mouth. To be honest, I hate the microwave and I don't think its safe for anyone.

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Safe? yeah it's okay. But the reason she 'probably' said this was for two reasons- 1) the microwave causes a great deal of the natural nutrients to be lost (like in breastmilk) and 2) it can cause hot spots that you may be unaware of, even if you stir a lot before serving. But it doesn't make sense to me why she would be okay with heating it up in the microwave but not okay with thawing it there- weird.

I typically take out a bunch of cubes and thaw them in the fridge the night before- i place them in those tiny tupperware or in used baby food jars (with lids). Thawing on the counter in jars is fine too- you'd be surprised at how quickly they thaw because it is not solid water. I never heated my children's food- there is no need.

Bonnie - posted on 02/13/2012




I always heat mine in the bowl the child will be eating it from. I always heard not to heat the jar, not just because of hot patches, but also because then you have saliva mixing in with the food and if it isn't all eaten at that time then bacteria can form.

Sherri - posted on 02/12/2012




That is always how I heated mine. As far as I know it is perfectly safe.

Kate CP - posted on 02/12/2012




Did she say WHY it wasn't safe? 'Cause it sounds safe to me as long as you're mixing up the food so it doesn't have hot spots in it.

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