is it save to have sex during your final weeks (37) or so? .

Patricia - posted on 03/17/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi moms I am very curious, because I heard a lot of friends telling me that during birth the head of my baby will be covered with the sperms and that is so gross and they are working at the hospital for that matter and also they told me if I keep on having sex during this time it's going to be hard to deliver safely, is that true?


Raye - posted on 03/18/2015




People are trying to develop skin cream with semen in it because the properties of it are good for the skin. So, even if some of it were to get on your baby (which it won't) there is nothing harmful about it. When the baby is born, there can be a white goo on the baby that is called vernix. That is a waterproof substance that protects the babies skin from the amniotic fluid. If you deliver late, it's likely your baby will have less of this stuff on them than if delivered early.

From what I've read, it's actually good for the mother to have sex near the time of delivery (some even sneaking a quick romp in the hospital). It won't cause any trauma to the baby or make delivery any harder.

So, if you want to, then go for it.


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Michelle - posted on 03/18/2015




Oh dear, maybe you shouldn't listen to your friends.
The other ladies are right, what your friends are saying is completely false. Maybe you should also do some research yourself.

Gena - posted on 03/18/2015




I totaly agree with Jodi! They should not be working in the hospital if they know so little about anatomy. Babies arent born with sperm on their heads.That is nonsence.

Jodi - posted on 03/18/2015




It sounds like your friends have little to no education about the status of the cervix or the amniotic sac, or childbirth in general. Babies are NOT born with sperm on their heads!!! It is NOT hard to deliver safely if you've had sex. They have no business working in a hospital if this is what they believe. Tell them to learn some basic human anatomy and biology.

Lucitta - posted on 03/17/2015




In my personal experience, 3 vaginal births, I have had sex during the last week of all 3.
I didn't notice any sperm, or anything of the sort, on any of their heads. That being said, if this is your primary concern, either wear a condom or have him pull out.
To address the concern of it making delivering the baby harder, I'm not sure. This never was discussed between myself and any medical professional. Having done it myself 3 times though, I feel comfortable in saying at the very least, it's not the worst thing you can do.
For note, all 3 of my births had no complications, although one was 1 week late.

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