Is it the right time to start food??

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My doctor said that my son is underweight... but he eats like a little piggy!! He is about to be 5 months old and i have been breastfeeding him and at night i give him a bottle of formula like my doctor told me to...but i was wondering if maybe it would be a good idea to give him some applesauce or something else like that to help him gain a little weight?


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Most Drs go by formula fed growth charts. Breastfed babies grow at different rates. You shouldn't give your baby any food until at least 6 months. Even then, food before one is just for fun. If you feed solids to your baby too early it just fills up their belly. They end up with less feedings and they don't get proper nutrition from the breast milk/formula.


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I agree breastmilk/formula should be the primary source of nutrition, and you might try to add another feeding, but it might also be good to start solids. It's recommended that you wait until 6 months, but the guideline is simply that...a guideline. Talk with your doctor about the option of starting solids and go from there.

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Breast milk is the best 'growth food' you can give him.

How 'underweight' is he? Is he thriving and growing on his own curve? Or has he stopped gaining/lost weight? If he IS growing, thriving, and meeting milestones... I honestly would not listen to the doctor about when to start my baby on solids... I'd look to the baby to tell me that.

Some babies are big, others are small and neither one is wrong.

I DID have growth issues... and other medical issues as well and was only 13 pounds at 13 months. My son, on the other hand, was just barely under 13 pounds at TWO months! ♥

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There are more calories in breastmilk than any food you could possibly offer. If your doctor says your son is underweight try adding another feeding. Do you feed on schedule or on demand? Is your baby sleeping through the night?

Julianne makes an excellent point solids before one are just for fun and breastmilk/formula provides enough nutrition till they turn one. If you did start solids you would be filling his tummy with foods but not as much calories as he would get if you breastfed him.

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If he is 5 months old he is most definitely ready for solid foods but it might not be the right thing for him, if he is underweight. My daughter is also 5 months but if he is underweight, I wouldn't give him apple sauce.

Here is what I have tried giving Emma so far:

Rice pudding - The first meal

Oat meal

Pieces of melon - She tried this the first time last week and absolutely loved it

Mashed potatoes

Green beans



Most of these were either completely mashed or cut into bits and pieces. A couple of other things have been tried, as well. I hope this will give you some inspiration. We give Emma something like this twice a day

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