Is it the right time to talk to my daughter about her real dad.?

Nelly - posted on 05/16/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was merry for 2 yrs and had a little girl . My husband left when she was months . I got merry again when my daughter was 2 and I been with my husband 9 yrs already . Now my worry is if I should tell my daughter that the person she knows like her daddy is not the real one. ? Should it bee time or I just leave things the way they are until now.?


Jodi - posted on 05/16/2014




And what if she finds out from someone else, or figures it out in the meantime? Really, she should have known all along that she had a biological father as well as a daddy in her life. She is now 11. It will NOT get easier as she gets older. if anything, she will resent you for lying to her all her life, and that chance of resentment will increase as she gets older. Personally, I wouldn't have left it this long, but you can't turn back time. But I warn you, if she finds out, and you aren't the one who told her the truth, she will not be happy.

Elanda Moira Atencio - posted on 05/16/2014




I'd wait until she was about 12-14, shes still mentally developing and she won't be able to see anyone else's side of a situation until that age.


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