Is it too late??!

Sylvia - posted on 03/05/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My baby boy, Riley, is 7 1/2 months old. I bought birth announcments when he was a couple months old but honestly I never got around to putting the pictures on and sending them out. I want to but now I am worried I have waited too long and it would be silly or tacky. When does it become inapprpriate to send a birth announcment? Also, around what time did you all send yours? Thanks ladies!


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Sure send them, I'm sure people would love the pictures, and everyone loves getting mail.

My sister gave me a ring for my 30th birthday this year - that she'd bought for my 'sweet 16' birthday! I loved that she still went to the effort - 14 years later.

I now figure I've got at least 14 years to accomplish anything.

I just finally finished & gave a baby blanket - to my 2 year old nephew :)

Erin - posted on 03/05/2010




i'd still send them, maybe with a little note about how hectic your new life is and how much your loving it. i have 3 kids, the 1st 2 went out fairly quickly, but thats because my mom did it for me, lol. the last 1 was at about 3 months

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I sent mine out probably within the first few weeks. Anyway I would go ahead and send them out to family and close friends. Tell them that you never got around to it. Birth Announcements aren't like cards that you just throw away after a while. They're keepsakes. So I would just send it to the folks that you know would want it as a keepsake.

Jessica - posted on 03/05/2010




Maybe wait and send out a first birthday announcement or make a rubber stamp and mark each envelope - "Sent 8 months late by new parents"? That would be cute and funny! Everyone would get it.

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Go ahead be a proud mummy! like the other ladies said make them an update of progress and make a joke that its taken this long to settle down and have 5 mins to make them up. My daughter is 4 on sunday and the birth anouncement cards are gathering dust in the cupboard ! lol I deffinately waited to long

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I didn't do birth announcement but maybe do it like an update... put a few cute photo's together and at what stage he is upto and thank them for the well wishes... I think most people would like to see the changes... hope this helps..

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well, that depends, who are you sending the to? have they already talked to you and seen the baby?? personally, i didnt send out birth announcements, most people i talked to or emailed... i did however send a few pictures out with christmas cards. most people realize how crazy it is to be a new parent, so i dont think anyone would think you were "tacky" for not sending them out until now, just tell the truth, that you were more than busy =)

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