Is it True that bottle teats are not safe for babies anymore


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Ev - posted on 08/17/2013




Doris-Rubber nipples on a bottle are okay as long as they are kept clean and taken care of. Replace them when they need it. But a lot of companies are making silicone nipples now and they are a bit better than the rubber ones. I have not heard of bottle nipples being unsafe for babies. THe only unsafe ones are those that are cut to make the hole bigger to let out the liquids faster that can also let loose jagged pieces causing choking hazard. I would do more research on my own before going with what only one person said midwife or not.

Doris - posted on 08/17/2013




I was recently told by the Midwifeat the hospital that I should start bottle feeding with a cup because bottle teats are not safe anymore. She says when you boil & sterilize Germs will circulate back to the teats because it's rubber (Tire) and it will never be clean. She said that is why most babies suffer diarrhea & other stomach poison it's because of the teats & dummies.

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