Is it wise to have children past 30

Kea - posted on 01/14/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Is it really wise to have more kids past 30, I'm looking at it from a purely mathematical perspective, by the time my child is 10 I'm 40, by the time I'm 50 he's 20 and still needs guidance and parenting, when do moms get to enjoy their leisure time if we raise kids all our lives. It sounds desperately selfish I know.


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Jodi - posted on 01/14/2015




I get leisure time both with my kids AND without my kids. And 20 year olds, while still needing guidance, if you have raised them well, they are perfectly capable of mostly living their own life. I was 28 before I even had my first. I was 36 when I had my youngest (my husband was 40). I am now 45, she is 9. I'm not dead. I am perfectly healthy. I get to have leisure time and my children get to have their time with me too. We have plenty of good years left. You make it sound like 50 is old, and it really isn't. Also, if you aren't having kids until you are 30, you've had plenty of kid free leisure time in your 20s.

Sarah - posted on 01/14/2015




My leisure time is my kids. I wouldn't want to be doing anything different then spend time with my kids and grandkids. I don't think age matters as far as "mom leisure" time. There are people in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50 ' s that want their time and don't want the time and dedication that children take. There are people of any age that don't want kids.....nothing wrong with that unless they have kids and don't care for them. There are also people who find meaning and purpose taking care of kids and really enjoy what they gain from that experience.

I had my first two in my 20's my third in my 30's and my fourth will come just months before I am 40. I would not change it for anything! In some ways I have enjoyed being older better, but not necessarily because I am older. Having older kids I realize how fast they grow. I stop and enjoy the moments more now. I am also more confident in my parenting having gone through it twice and realizing they do survive. We don't stop doing the things we want to husband and I like to travel.....we just do it as a family giving our kids hands on experiences and learning. I am also the kind of person that enjoys kids and have always and will always have kids around me. Right now I have my kids and do day care. When I am a grandma I will be around my grandkids and either doing a more one-on-one day care or volunteering to rock babies at the hospital.

Michelle - posted on 01/14/2015




Age is just a number. As long as you look after yourself there's no reason why you can't have children after 30 and still enjoy life after they grow up.
I had my 2 older ones in my 20's and feel that I didn't have the patience to deal with the toddler tantrums and I was far too busy to enjoy them. I had to go back to work when they were young because we didn't have the savings and stability behind us.
I had my 3rd at 35 and enjoyed her as a baby. I went back to work when she was 18 months but I feel I had far more patience with her. They are all in school now and I am focusing on my career again. We have been on international trips with all 3 kids and we are giving them a great life. We also own our own home.
I think life is about finding the work/life balance that works for your family.

Norma - posted on 01/14/2015




my mom was 39..and i have an extremly high IQ .. her realitives live to upper 90's

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