Is it wrong for me to be upset that My Mother in Law is friends with my husbands ex girlfriend?

Hannah - posted on 10/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mother in law had not really liked me since the day she met me and she doesn't come right out and say it because she is very passive aggressive. Well about 10 months ago my husband's ex-girlfriend(the mother of his kids) started getting into meth with her new boyfiend really bad and we took custody of his daughter for her protection. Now needliess to say we've been in and out of cout for the last 10 months, spent money we dont have on a lawyer, ect, andd she doesnt even care, it took us over 90 days to serve her because no one could find her, in my eyes she gave up her motherhood reponsibilities when she decided drugs and he druggie boyfriend were more important. But my husband's mo is still friends with her, she will get on facebook publicly and tell this woman, she is proud of her, and she knows its been hard on her not seeing her daughter (btw she can see her daughter, we ask her to come visit all the time, my step daughters mom wont come because my husband wont allow her boyfriend, who has multiple crimial charges, to come in our house) Either way I guess Im just angry because I feel like when my mother in law says and does those things (especially when they're all chummy on facebook) It makes me feel like im second best, as well as publicly when she praises her, and Im thinking, "This woman gave up on her 5 year old daughter and chose meth and a man, I provide evrything for this little girl, I am the mother to her that she so desperately wants and deserves" Her mother has seen her a total of maybe 7 hours since February, so can someone please help me, I want my mother in law to love me and have a bond with me and give me the credit I deserve, my husband says she is only nice to her to maintain a relationship with her grandchildren but we have full custody so that doesnt make since....


Holly - posted on 10/26/2012




you have every right to any feelings you may have... but it is important that you and your husband can not tell her who she can and can not be friends with. you have already proven that you are not second best, because you actually care about this child more than her own mother... and i would think about demanding a clean drug screen before she can see her daughter, a long with no druggy boyfriend as well

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