Is it wrong for me to let my son touch himself?

Mirunda - posted on 12/26/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




So quite recently my son (Matthew) was on some dirty websites looking at porn. And i didnt catch him looking at it, I got him a new laptop for christmas (hes the only one with a pc, we use our phones) and i went to look somthing online and an ad popped up presenting some naked girl. Under the ad it said "recommended for you" ,so i decided to do a little snooping around in his history, and tons of dirty websites were there. And ones web address was somthing along the lines of " " and im 29 years old i know its just a part of a teen boys life but, i cant wrap my hands around if i should stop him or just say somthing at all please help


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Jodi - posted on 12/26/2014




Porn is not part of a teen boy's life if you don't allow them unlimited access to it. Besides the fact your profile makes it clear that your son is 12 years old. There is no way he should have unlimited internet access, nor access without supervision.

It is important you have a discussion with him that what he sees in porn is NOT representative of a normal adult sex life. Have discussions with him about the relationship aspects of sex, and that porn does not represent this at all. It is important he understands that porn is not real, not even close to reality.

With regard to the masturbation, that's normal. There is nothing wrong with a teen touching themselves and exploring their own sexuality, it is totally natural.

Sarah - posted on 12/26/2014




Why does he have unlimited access to porn on the computer? Get the computer in a public area of the house and get some parental controls! You own that computer and if he accidentally downloads an underage girl, you can go to jail for possession or distribution of child pornography!
Curiosity about sex is normal, as is masturbation. I would tell him you found his computer porn and warn him to not use the computer for that again. As for masturbating, as long as he does it in private, leave him be.

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