Is just extremely tired of BD changing the location of exchanges of our 2 Kids!

Megan - posted on 07/12/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




Since BD has the kids for summer, he is changing the "location," he knows Im having special plans with the kids for a cook out with my extended family.Its a 45 minute drive to the cook out in my family from where BDs home town is.

Got a text saying from BD this is where they ll be at! Its at a function where I would actually have to track them down its a festival, its going to be crowded etc. I feel as if he is making this hard,
We just got out of court last week about this. When its "my time," with the 2 kids they are supposed to be at his house at the usual pick up date, vice versa for me.

I didn't agree with this "other location," and working this out would simply mean i have to pick them up at this festival its going to be chaotic for thursday evening visitation! thing is that this fesetival is going on ALL week long and attend it more than just once!
Ugh just a hassle :(

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