Is letting your 1 month old baby cry okay?

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I need some input on what others think.
My husband says it's okay for our 1 month old to cry after he has been changed and feed, but I feel like a bad mother if I do that.
Any thoughts?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/29/2013




You mean like "cry it out" where the baby is forced to sooth himself? No, it really is not ok at that young of an age, if ever. Their little brains and emotions cannot handle it. I used to have a great article on all the negatives to leaving a young baby to CIO. I will try to find it for you to share with your husband. Babies need comfort, and that is what the parents are there comfort and meet a babies needs and demands. Let your mommy instincts take over. Hate to say it, but sometimes men just don't have that.


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Thank you, I completely agree!!!! I am a firm believer if your baby is crying they need something. My husband just doesn't want to deal with him or hear him cry so he puts him in his crib and lets him cry. It drives me crazy, but then he yells at me when I pic him up.
I appreciate your input very much and I would very much like the article.

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