Is loss of control and refusing to listen when excited ADD ?

Bobbie - posted on 12/03/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




This little one just turned 7 yrs old. He is new to our family. My son married his mother. He had had lots of behavioral issues stemming from too many hours in the care of a lousy daycare provider and his mother's 2nd divorce. I feel these traumas have made him emotionally much younger than his age. I have worked with him and given him lots of love and attention to address his needs that weren't being met. He listens to me. We cuddle and play however I also ensure that he follows a schedule, rules and I am very strict with manners, listening to me and behaving appropriately. He was stupid acting when I met him. Rolling around, falling down, acting out of control with his facial expressions and loud noises. He would grab people, especially his mother by the face and get right into her face to laugh and say stupid things with a smile on his face always. This didn't fly with me I don't permit it, I saw it as aggressive behavior from being angry. It took months for him to slapping and punching at me and to stay calm. But still, when we get around other kids or in active play areas such as McDonald's it is as if he is getting a kick out of reverting back to that over the top strange behavior that makes him act and look out of control. He then hides from me, runs away instead of listening and grabs my face to beg for money for the games. Let me be clear here, that behavior doesn't fly with me, there is no idle threats, when he acts this way we leave. When he whines he gets nothing. So is this behavior beyond his control as his mother states? She wants him medicated for ADD. When I have him he is a great kid until he is in a play or fun environment. Why? Is this a sign of Attention Deficiet Disorder or just immaturity in his emotional growth? He can't possibly be testing me, like I said, I don't give in, I get angry and still he has this bright wild look in his eyes and he tests me to my limits of wanting to grab him and shake some sense into him. BTW, I don't believe in that and will never raise a hand to him or man handle him in anyway, it is just a figure of speech.


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Medic - posted on 12/03/2011




ADD is different from ADHD....he might have ADHD but it is probably more of a emotional/behavioral problem.

Michelle - posted on 12/03/2011




Yes and no I would say there may be a touch of ADHD but this only covers the aggresive and business in a child. More then likely based on the childs background it is more to do with lack of stability and the child using any means possible to get attention as any attention good or bad is better then no attention. If the mom is concerned than she needs to have him evaluated to see if there are any underlying issues causing some of his problems as even kids with ADHD can learn to control their behavior when there is a lot of structure in their lives.

Jodi - posted on 12/03/2011




Sounds like the actions of a child in need of the appropriate discipline and home environment to me. ADD is not caused by behavioural issues stemming from inappropriate daycare and unstable family life. He behaves like this because I'd say he gets away with it with his mother. It is not beyond his control at all by the sounds of it.

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