Is Mio better than juice for toddler teeth?

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My poor 2 year old son has cavities!!! He doesn't like milk or water, so he gets breast milk and juice. Now I am regretting the juice! Is Mio a good alternative? I don't want to rot his poor teeth anymore :( Or what about Crystal light? Help please! I tried calling his dentist but the are not open till Monday.


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Kids need to form good habits when they're young. Even if it isn't easy to get a two year old to drink water, it's a lot easier than trying to get a 5 or 12 year old to give up juice (or soda or crystal light). The sooner you start the easier it will be... and the less damage that will be done.

As long as you offer alternatives it will be difficult for your child to develop a taste for plain water. You need to cut out the other drinks, and be prepared for it to take at least a month before you start to turn the corner.

I've actually known people who were told to stop giving their kids cows milk. It was only in cases of extreme decay, but cows milk doesn't protect teeth. It's a source of calcium, but the calcium is absorbed during digestion. Milk also contains sugar, and since it's a liquid, it can get in between teeth and into tiny places that are hard to clean.

Breastmilk contains sugar, but it also contains live components and naturally impedes the growth of bacteria. Breastmilk is okay.

Cheese is good for teeth. It does help to clean and re-mineralize. Giving your child a piece of cheese after a meal is beneficial.

Try keeping water in the fridge. Cold water is often more palatable to people who don't like water.

Even drinks that are sugar free are a problem because they often contain citric acid (which damages enamel). And if they contain artificial sweeteners they encourage kids to expect sweet beverages (making it much harder to enjoy water).

You can get a lot of water from food. If your son isn't drinking much while you're making your transition to water just offer foods with a high water content - cucumber, watermelon, celery, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, citrus fruit, baby carrots, bell peppers, soup, grapes, berries, etc.

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If he doesn't like water...TOUGH. He NEEDS water. The human body NEEDS water.

Dove, just so you know...Mio is the added flavoring that one can squirt into water, because, ya know...water is so BORING...

cut out the juice, cut out the crystal light, cut out the Mio...and teach your child that his best friend for a beverage (other than breastmilk or cows milk) is water.


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Emma - posted on 09/26/2014




Thanks for the advice, looks like the consensus is to suck it up and give him water :) I will just need to be strong and try to get him used to the taste of water. Thanks everyone for the advice!!!

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