Is my 11 week old teething already?

Juliebelle - posted on 05/21/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is normally a really happy baby,He never really cries he just whines. But for the past 3 days hes been extremely cranky,and crying like hes in terrible pain and he's drooling alot, i mean soaking his shirt in 30 mins, sticks his whole fist in his mouth, and hes refusing breastfeeding and has a hard time sucking the bottle, he does have a very mild case of thrush but we just went through that last month and he'd had it really bad all over the inside of his mouth, his gums, his tongue, and it didnt bother him at all. his attitude got so bad i took him to the Ped today and he said he didnt think he would be teething this early, but theres two bumps on his top gums like where his canines would come in and they look like they have white heads. Is it possible for the top teeth to come in first?


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Marinela - posted on 07/07/2012




From my experience,the babies can teething at any age,coz each baby is different and there are no rule about each teeth is coming first :) my first kid,baby girl she got her tooth like a vampire :))) we all was so worry about it,if was normal,but lot`s of other doctors say: there are not rules about each teeth to come first and each one to come second.Important is the baby to be healthy,coz they will all come eventually and was right.My son he start acting like teething from 2nd month and now he is almost 3 months old and no teeth yet,but he is drooling and start to eat his hands witch he didn`t do it before and he start to refuse to drink all his milk,but i don`t see any teeth yet.

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Just so you all know his bottom two teeth came in about a week after I posted this, so def not too young!

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My daughter got her first teeth at about 3-3 1/2 months. She got hers a bit odd. She got her bottom center left then the next tooth over on the right, same with her top. Then about a week later she got in the other four teeth.

My son has been teething for months (poor guy). He drools like crazy. He's 5 months.

I would put pressure on his gums with a cool damp wash cloth, and try chilled teething rings. I don't suggest freezing them, since it can be quite a shock to them, just an hour in the fridge should get it cold enough. He isn't old enough for orajel. You could try seeping cloves in hot water, then after cooling it in the fridge over night soak the wash cloth in that. Clove is supposed to help with swelling.

Adelle - posted on 05/26/2012




It sounds like he's teething. Teeth come in at all ages. Both my kids had 8 teeth by their 1st B-days. Try the frozen teething rings or gel to see if it helps. Then give him his bottle. It might not hurt as much.

Bethany - posted on 05/21/2012




It does sound like teething but he is too young, usually around 3-4 months they start teething. The bottom front teeth come in first but if it was to be his top teeth first it definitely wouldnt be his canines

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