Is my 13 year old boy acting out now because of a break up that happend when he was 5?

Maria - posted on 02/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 13 year boy is going through the usual teenage changes, but he recently had a music project on a band or artist that he likes. He picked Imagine Dragons, nothing wrong there, but when we came to his favourite track, he chose Demons. I asked him why and he said that it was a happy song. When I looked at the video with him it was far from a happy song. It was energetic for sure, but it also portrayed an image of alcohol related abuse and lyrics relating to this. His Dad is an alcoholic which is why we separated all those years ago. For 2 years after we separated I watched my son wait for Dad to show up, then not show up, make plans again and still let him down. When he did show up he brought my son to the pub, he drove him home after drinking, I immediately went court, and even though he admitted to it, the court gave him access. I had to let my son go when his dad decided he'd take him and in the end his dad hit him and knocked his tooth out. Again I did what I needed to do and contacted Social Worker. Surprise, Surprise no child protection issue because it was my son's word against his dad's.
I think my son related to the video sub-consciously and reacted but wasn't sure why?? Because when I told him what I saw and what the song was really about, he flipped. He climbed out his window at 10.30 at night. I was frantic but he was only around the corner and came home straight away. He brought his phone with him so I think this was his way of telling me he wanted me to tell him to come home. He put his arms around me and said he was sorry, I asked him if there was some truth in what I had said about him choosing that song and he agreed but didn't get into any conversation about it.
Am I making too much of this?? I think he has unresolved issues connected to his dad and his dad's drinking. He certainly shows signs of deep anxiety as he cant sit still or be calm for more than 5 mins. He doesn't have ADHD or anything as he's been tested for all of this. I think its all emotional with him. Any advice would be welcome.............

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