Is my 2 year old Anti-social??

Brenda - posted on 01/19/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my 2 year old son seems to get nervous when we go to places and he gets attention, say a stranger offers him to play etc.. he will say No immediately and hold on to me. to me it seems like he feels out of his comfort zone and might act out and throw a tantrum. ive noticed he's fine going to chuckee-cheese or his cousins house to play, only when he's familiar with things or people... what i've noticed is that when we go somewhere new and theres something that he likes there he can't just go at it. I try and be positive and say look at those trains etc and he gets angry and acts out a little bit, yells at me No ! or tries to hit me ... i've tried just letting him be thinking he may just need to warm up to it, but as soon as i try to move him or offer to see something else, he doesn't want to hear it, just wants to keep being in that comfort zone, more like he's scared to again, move to a different spot in the room if theres people in that area. is this normal? i'm very worried i might be doing something wrong? he doesn't have a daily male figure in his life, all women in the home so i dont know if that plays a role. he can be the sweetest little boy when he wants, saying please and thank you.... he is around adults most of the time and is very smart so i dont know if maybe it's because he doesn't get much interactions with children... help...


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Michelle - posted on 01/19/2015




I agree with Jodi, most children are shy when they meet new people. Don't push him but finding a playgroup that he can play with other children his own age will help, especially if there are the same kids there each time. He will get to know them and make some friends.

Jodi - posted on 01/19/2015




It's normal 2 year old behaviour. He's just shy and showing natural caution. Maybe find a local playgroup where he can have a little more interaction with kids his own age,, but really, I wouldn't be too concerned.

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