Is my 6 month old getting enough formula?

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Hey, I started introducing solids to my baby when he was 4 months old, we just started him with baby rice which he hated but was recommended to try porridge and he loved that. Now at 6 months old his routine is:
8:30AM - 8 - 9 oz bottle
11:30AM - Breakfast such as porridge or fruit/yoghurt cereal
2:30PM - Half a jar of veggies/meat and then half a jar dessert such as fruit smoothies or egg custard (sometimes he will eat full jar of food)
6:30PM - 8-9 oz bottle
9:30PM - 8 - 9 oz bottle

Whilst eating solids, he will also have about 2 oz water and if hungry inbetween, will also give him small pieces of fruit in one of those mesh feeders (usually bananas or mangoes as he loves these!)

Any recommendations on when to give more solids and if this is enough formula for him currently?


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Katie - posted on 02/01/2013




With both my girls i started weaning at 4 months.. and i will get a lot of criticism for how ive done it but they are both perfectly healthy and never once been ill except for a little cold when everyone else has it..

both my girls were on full fat cows milk by 5.5-6months.

my youngest who is 6 months (in 4 days!) has a routine like this..

wake up - 8-9oz milk
8-8.30 - porridge or fruit pot
10.30 - 5oz milk
12-12.30 - blended meal and yoghurt
2.30 - 5oz milk
4-4.30 - blended meal and yoghurt
5-5.30 - bath time
6.30 - 8-9oz milk

Sometimes she has another 5-6oz bottle at 8-9pm ish but only if shes teething and not settling properly in bed. So all in all she has about 29oz a day.
She has been sleeping through the night since 3 weeks and very happy and healthy :)

everyone parents differently and some babies cant handle as much milk, or may need more, only you know your baby! :) x

Dove - posted on 01/01/2013




Only 3 bottles a day?

At 6 months old they really don't need more than a taste of solids once (MAYBE twice) a day. Breast milk or formula should still be the main source of nutrition until around a year old. Personally I'd cut out one of the solid meals entirely and give him a bit of formula first before the other 'meal'. Solids at this age are mainly for the fun and tasting experiences... not supposed to be a significant source of calories or nutrition.

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