is my child jsut playing me?

Whitney - posted on 01/29/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK so a little history of my son. i had a perfect healthy pregnancy! i worked full time till i was 36 weeks pregnant, my son was born at 41 weeks 7pounds 12 ounces. right form the stat he was healthy, no issues cept jaundice but all my kids had that he had it a bit more but we got it fixed. so anyways he started school September 2012. and that's when all these ear infections and colds and flus started. Ive never had a problem with his lungs or eyes or ears in the past. so anyways from September till December he had about 3-4 ear infections. well December 23 he was screaming all night about his ear, (he has always had nasty ears though like lots and lots of wax) so i figured OK come lay down and I'll clean your ears. when i looked in his ear i noticed it was all packed down at the bottom so i figured OK lets see if the doctor can flush it. so i took him to the ER and the doc on call looked and said yep just needs to be flushed. so the nurses came in and told Sidney this wont hurt might have a bit of pressure but that's all it should not hurt. well as they started he was fine then they pumped more into his ear and he started screaming. now there was blood coming from his ear. the nurse looked again and seen that his ear drum was infected and they almost ruptured it. so as my sons screaming and crying they gave him local anesthetic in his ear and then ear drops. i had to give him 4 drops twice a day to heal his ear. OK so now hears where my question comes in. since then when i talk to him he doesn't hear me. i asked him today what he split and he just kept playing. when he looks at me and i talk to him he says what about 6 times. its rather annoying but then for him to hear what i said i have to raise my voice. and i hate that. cuz then he thinks hes in trouble. and earlier today he was watching cartoons on a normal volume level. he started crying i asked what was a matter of course he couldn't hear me so i said it louder and when he herd me he said he could hear the TV.......... so my question is..... is this just a normal 5 year old playing deaf or do u think i should get his ears checked. i no i should take him but i run to the docs at the split of a second with my kids so since this isnt a "life threatening" issue i thought i would get other mothers opinion!!!! THANKS for the help


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Holly - posted on 01/29/2013




it could be that his ears are not completely flushed out. perhaps with all this anethetic and ear drops it could affect his hearing. the way we "hear" is sound bouncing off the ear drum which vibrates and causes the 3 bones inside the ear to vibrate and sends these vibrations to our brain. perhaps he has some scar tissue on his ear drum, or his ear drum is numb because of the anesthetic? perhaps with all the infections he has had it has caused him to loose some of his hearing... i would take him to the doctor to see whats up, remember if you are not satisfied with what the doctor says, ask for a referall to a hearing specialist.

Amy - posted on 01/29/2013




Yes I would get his hearing tested, if he's in school you can ask the school nurse to test it. Hearing is not something I would mess around with, especially since he's almost ruptured his ear drum once.

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