Is my daughter being bullied or am i overreacting?

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Now we had a very rough time and just moved and I am glad the kids are very nice and have a totally different personality because their Dad no longer brainwashing them. My little girl in Pre-School she 4 and she told me she made so many friends I met up with some of the mothers they were so nice and treated my daughter very well. My daughter said these 3 girls were really mean to her especially during recesses and they were calling her names and shouting at her. My daughter is generally really nice and so are the other girls but the girls told me the others girls had took their food they got from the cafeteria and were kicking them at recess and pushing them off the equipment. The girls had told their teacher and the teacher just put the girls in time out and the girls who were bullying my daughter and friends said they were snitches and had been bossing and pushing the girls around and apparently according to her teacher that my daughter had been pushed by one of the girls and hit her head on the heater she has a bit of a bruise and a swollen eye but i put eye drops and cold Ice on it. My daughter told me her teacher got it wrong and she had gone on the slide on her tummy and fell down. I had informed the principal and he said that kids act like this and this is the best nursery locally and fees are the ones I can afford I am paying $300 a month. I don't know if I am overreacting or kids sometimes dont get along i just feel a bit frustrated i asked them to monitor the girls more carefully or separate them.

we confronted the mothers and they didn't care one bit and just shurrged their shoulders and said their kids are always like this. I am getting stressed about this and would like as much answer as possible.


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Some times kids don't get along, but this definitely sounds like bullying and is 100% unacceptable.

Is all this about your 4 year old... or do you have an older daughter that is the one being bullied? Your post isn't entirely clear to me here... Either way, name calling, kicking, and pushing are all forms of bullying and if the school and parents are not willing to make it stop.... it's not a place I would have my kids. If you don't have any other option of a place your kid can go... I'd consider getting the police involved. At least be asking questions about your options. Many schools now have a very low tolerance for bullying, but many others need to 'catch up.'

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