Is my daughter to young to start potty training?

Teri - posted on 09/04/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




My husband and I are feeling/thinking it's time to start potty training our daughter. She is just shy of 14 months old. She's up and walking (almost running, but, slightly wobbly). She's now able to reach the top of the kitchen table and almost the counter tops. That might make her sound tall, but she's actually a lil shorty lol. She has, in the last couple days, started to climb in/out of her rocker/chair. And 90% of the time since she was 3 weeks old til today, she goes the whole night without filling her daiper. Is she ready for potty training? If so, how do we go about starting? Thoughts please.


Sarah - posted on 09/04/2013




Yes too young yet. She will let you know what she is ready for and when. Allow her to go in the bathroom when you potty. This is the first start of her learning. At first she may not even pay any attention to what you are doing.....normal at her age. Once she gets closer to 2 yrs old she will start to notice more about what you are doing and how it all works. Once you notice her taking interest in what you are doing then get a little potty (this is usually around 16-18 months but could be even later). Then just have it in the bathroom......let her explore it and figure it out. At first don't worry about having her sit or go first it is just her learning what it is all about. She will let you know by her words and her actions what she is ready for and when. Also remember this is your daughter's thing to master not it on her schedule not yours. Some kids are ready to train at 18 months where others are not ready until 3 yrs. She will do it when she is ready and when she is 16 yrs old it will not matter if she trained when she was 18 months old or if she trained when she was 4 yrs old.

Paige - posted on 09/04/2013




she might be. my son was 16 months when he started, my other son is almost 2 and nowhere near ready! lol is she interested in the potty? wanting to sit on it? I just have the potty available at all times and whenever he wants to try we go. I also have a few books beside the potty for something to "distract" him while on there. I never used pull ups I just used underwear so there may be a lot of mess at first. take them every hour to try and tell them Good try even if they don't go. also she may do great right away then not want to use it anymore. Good Luck!


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Teri - posted on 09/05/2013




Well I have the potty in the bathroom so she can take her time and get used to it and she follows me in there when I go.. She's starting to kinda play with it and although "potty" is a new "sign" for her, I know she may not understand its meaning yet, but she will. I do sign potty whenever I need to go and she follows me. It didn't take her long to pick up and understand the other signs that I've tought her. So we shell see.. I thank you for your input and hope to still get more. I enjoy reading everyones thoughts. I know it will take a while before she will be ready to use it. But I will keep her potty chair in the bathroom til she's ready. Thank you again and please keep posting your input/thoughts.

Gena - posted on 09/04/2013




I think she is still to young..lots of people say one should wait until the child shows intrest to use the potty.I agree with Sarah.

Teri - posted on 09/04/2013




We have a potty for her. But we have not taken it out of the closet yet. I'm just now starting to ask for advise and search around on the best way to go about doing it.. She says some words but mostly signs right now. I've been working with her on ASL since she was about 3 months old. Just a couple words or so at a time and she's doing really good at them too.. I know that babies develope at there own pace. It's amazing to me to see how smart she is with the things she does. Most say she's advinced, some say she's behind.. So I don't know. I was raised around and helped raise babies growing up. so I think that helps me for the most part on knowing how to raise our daughter.. But, she is our first and we are still learning along the way.

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