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So I had a baby by a guy that i was never in a relationship ship with(one night stand).to make a long story short we have been having sex.Recently i came across this girls instagram profile and i have seen a couple of pics of them together.Also, she tweets about him all the time and calls him her boyfriend and talks about how she loves spending time with him etc.When I asked him about it,he denied it and said she was just a friend and he was single,but i believe he's lying.I like having sex with him but I feel like he's lying about having a girlfriend,and i dont want to be labelled as the sideline or homewrecker.But at the same time,I feel like its not my fault that he's cheating on his girlfriend.The girl lives about an hour away at her school,so I feel like he has sex with me because she's not here or something.I am really confused..i dont know how i should feel about will i know if he's using me for sex or not?


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Jodi - posted on 01/31/2014




Let's face it, you're using him for sex too. So yeah, he's using you for sex. You have openly admitted you are not "in a relationship" so I'm not sure why you are so surprised. If you don't want him using you for sex, stop allowing it to happen.

Ev - posted on 01/31/2014




This does not sound like a healthy relationship. Why would a guy say that the other girl in a photo and stuff is not his girlfriend? Because he can get it from you and from her when he is with her. How can you say you do not care if she knows or not; or that its your fault he is cheating on his girlfriend, and it confuses you? First, whether you care or not about if she knows or not or that its your fault he is doing this, you are contributing to it. Just because he says she is just a friend does not mean he is not telling you a lie. Second, I would think he might be using you to get what he wants. If someone is willing to give someone something that person will take the offer. I just do not get how it confuses you. Did you think he was your boyfriend?

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